Vodafone | Terms & Conditions for 3G Packs

  1. 3G services are subject to 3G network availability. When 3G network is not available, and 2G network is available, you’ll be provided with 2G network access which will be counted towards your allowance. 3G network is not available everywhere or all the time. Check 3G network availability by viewing the icon on your mobile handset / device (icon type may vary).
  2. When you exceed allowance in any validity period, the "excess usage charges" specified in your pack will apply. We’ll endeavour to inform you when you are approaching your limit, but the responsibility to monitor usage and pay additional charges remains yours. Vodafone also reserves the right to restrict or prohibit usage above the allowance.
  3. 3G is a high speed data service, but actual data rates vary depending on your handset, the number of other users etc. Bandwidth may have to be allocated at busy times in order to provide all our customers with the highest possible data rates and quality.
  4. If you have a 2G handset, or a 3G handset which does not support advanced HSPA (High Speed Packet Access), you will only experience speeds which are similar to 2G speeds. We strongly suggest that you upgrade your handset to an HSPA handset in order to be able to experience true 3G speeds or remain on 2G services. You can find more information by calling 116 or visiting www.vodafone.in.
  5. Allowances:

    1. only valid for the time period specified – unused portions are not rolled over.
    2. are extinguished when a new pack is taken (we recommend that you wait until you’ve used your allowance on any other 2G or 3G data pack before you buy a new pack).
    3. Allowance on 2G data packs cannot be used towards 3G data usage.
    4. do not include services other than those specified – e.g. voice/SMS, domestic/international roaming, video calling, mobile TV subscription, games and other content/VAS services. You can find charges for those services at www.vodafone.in
  6. Video calling between 3G compatible handsets will be available on Vodafone and partner networks, but will be charged separately depending on usage according to the rates specified in your pack. Not all handsets support it, and both handsets will need to be on 3G networks.
  7. "Usage" includes all data usage whether upload or download. "Local" means calls from your home circle to any network in your home circle. "STD" means calls from your home circle to any network in another circle within India. "Validity Period" includes date of recharge. "ISD" means calls from your home circle to any network outside India.
  8. Browsing and usage on 3G networks outside of your home circle in India or outside India will invite additional charges based on charges levied by the host network, and availability of 3G network is subject to host network availability.
  9. Prices specified are inclusive of Service Tax.
  10. Vodafone reserves the right to replace, amend or withdraw the service plans/add-on packs/terms and conditions (in whole or part) at any time on reasonable notice in line with TRAI regulations.
  11. You may need a replacement SIM in order to access 3G services. Since 3G services in Kerala and AP are provided through intra-circle roaming, you will initially need to manually select the Idea 3G network on your handset.